Quarantine Skate Series is a live streamed skateboarding competition that will take place at various locations in Sweden. Due to the nature of the widespread Coronavirus, no attendance will be allowed. However, you will be able to watch the event from home, on your computer, iPad or smartphone!

Each event has between 8-12 contestants, each competing in the disciplines Street and/or Bowl. While every competitor is battling it out head to head against each other, a small group of judges will determine how well each skater performs. However, as a viewer, you too have the chance to influence the competition’s results. By using your device, you will be able to place a vote on your favorite skater!

During the competitions, which will approximately be two hours long, you’ll also be able to send in comments and chat with the judges and event organizers. 


The first competition will be live streamed directly from PUSH at Gallerian in Stockholm, in collaboration with Fryshuset and the sponsors KFS, TriffiQ, Brädkultur, Designkontoret Silver and Jobzone. The event starts on Saturday the 16th of May at 18:00, and the competitor lineup consists of some of the best professional skaters from the capital!

In future competitions, all skaters will represent their own city, and will battle it out in different parts of the country, so keep an eye out for your own city! Info regarding how to access the live stream will be revealed soon. You wouldn’t want to miss this!



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