In every skatepark around the world, you’ll find the same worn out razortailed decks that you would 30 years ago. Nothing has changed. They still wear out and lose their pop faster than you can get used to them. Until now, all you could really do was to either ride your worn deck or restart the cycle by buying another one that you knew would wear out just as fast. 


As passionate skaters, we at Performance Sk8 believed this to be an issue that had to be resolved if we wanted to improve and expand the overall interest in skateboarding. So after countless years of stagnation, we decided to innovate. 


After years of research, we managed to create a new technology that not only improves the lifespan of the deck, but the overall performance. It’s called Tip Technology and has made it possible for us to enhance the overall feel of skateboarding, without compromising price. We always felt like it could be done, and now that it has, we’re here to share it with you.


Our vision has always been to make skateboarding more enjoyable and sustainable for all people, regardless of social status. We believe that kids should be able to have fun and skate safely without having to constantly spend money on new equipment. Skaters shouldn’t be stuck with worn out razortailed decks, they should be enjoying the sport to the fullest with good equipment that doesn’t wear out. 

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