As you’re reading this, over 70 million people are on the run, living outside the safety and comfort of their own home. That means millions and millions of children from around the world are currently being forced to grow up in an unsafe and traumatizing environment. Remembering the defining moments of our own childhood, we consider this to be an absolutely heartbreaking problem that needs to be resolved as quickly as physically possible. 


Thankfully, the world has been gifted with an organisation called UNHCR. Everyday, they help deprived children from all over the world, providing them with opportunities that would otherwise have been impossible. Amongst many other things, the organisation is currently pursuing successful projects in Iraq, Jordan and Greece, where they give young people the chance to skate, hang out, and just have a good time creating valuable memories.


With P.U.S.H, our goal has always been to provide people with a safe and secure space, where they can feel welcome and fulfilled. So deciding to help UNHCR, was for us, a no brainer. At this moment, we are very proud to announce that no matter what happens, at least 1 million SEK will be donated to UNHCR and all the amazing things that they do for the betterment of our world. 


If you also want to give deprived children and teenagers an opportunity to experience the joy of childhood, you are more than welcome to donate by clicking the button below!

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