The Core

The Facility

At its core, PUSH is and always will be a meeting place. A place where people from all over the world can put their differences aside and unite under common interests. In a world that is becoming more and more segregated, we hope to give even the most isolated an opportunity to experience the power of unification.

What is PUSH?

Describing what PUSH is to someone who’s never been there is much like trying to explain the taste of a dish to someone who’s never had it. You can try, but they will never truly understand what you mean until they experience it. Because of this, we urge those of you who have the time, to actually visit our facility for the most accurate representation of what P.U.S.H really is. For those of you who don’t however, we will try our best to capture the essence of our concept in the short segments down below.

OBS: During these difficult times, we urge those of you who feel ill to stay at home and not visit our facility. As for the rest of you, we’d love to see that you follow the precautions that are currently recommended by the state.

Our urban meeting place can be found on the 4th floor of “Gallerian”, in the very heart of Stockholm. The area itself is 1000 m² and currently consists of a prime skateboard bowl, a street skating section, pop up shops, shoe collections and a large hangout space with couches and tables facing a nice view of the city. Throughout the near future, we do however plan on adding even more innovative activities to the already vibrant meeting place. So stay tuned! 


In addition to our everyday activities, we also host happenings such as concerts, lectures, workshops, fundraisers, networking meetings, competitions, live podcasts and open events such as Stockholm sneaker convention. For those of you who are interested, updates regarding coming events will be posted on our social media as well as right here on our website. P.U.S.H is about bringing people together and so we hope to see as many of you as possible throughout the upcoming year.

What can you expect to find at PUSH?

If you glance into our window on a normal day, your eyes will be met with a wide range of individuals who all have different reasons for being here. On your right, you might find a determined girl of 12, trying to perfect a trick she’s been working on for weeks, while an excited boy of 10 is just discovering his love for skating. On your left, you might see a joyful group of teenagers, discussing anything and everything that pops into their heads, while a young boy of 7 is testing his first pair of sneakers. Right ahead, you might notice the silhouette of a young woman, pleasantly enjoying the view, while her colleague is buying them each a warm cup of coffee. Behind them all however, in the far right corner, you might be lucky enough to find the kid who came here all by himself, chatting with a new friend. 


So to answer what you can or cannot expect to find when you enter our facility, we must ask you a simple question:


What are you looking for?

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